Welcome to Fred Crouch Reels

Portrait of Fred Crouch

It was a sad day, 19 January 2014, that Fred Crouch passed away. He'd not enjoyed the best of health for a long while but it never affected his wit, his general humour and his wonderful stories. He will be sadly missed by those close to him, and by the angling world.


Although Fred may no longer be with us, his "friends" are and we are pleased to say that manufacture will continue for all the current range of these reels.


Aug 2018 update : Glad to report that the recent manufacturing / supply problems have now been addressed and reels can again be supplied.

The (original) Fred Crouch Truepin Trotter Range

note . All reels available only in black. It was found to be not (currently) economically viable to continue manufacture of the less popular natural (anodised) reels, so this option has been discontinued (for the forseeable future).


last updated 1.8.2018